During the 2008-09 academic year, Missouri University of Science and Technology will undergo an institution-wide accreditation review. Missouri S&T has maintained institutional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since 1913. Missouri S&T was last reviewed in 1998 and received re-accreditation for ten years. Missouri S&T will undergo a comprehensive evaluation visit February 23-25, 2009, by a team representing the Commission.

Accreditation is an activity of great importance for the University because it is the gateway to participating in federal and state programs of benefit to higher education. (In FY 05 Missouri S&T students received $18,061,114 in Federal Title IV financial aid which would not have been available without accreditation.)

The Value of Accreditation

* Standard of Institutional Quality and Reputation
* Incentives for Campus Improvement
* Transferability of Academic Credits for Students
* Access to Student Financial Aid and Federal Funding.
* Required to Receive Program Accreditations (including ABET)

2008 Institutional Self Study

For the past two years, Missouri S&T has been engaged in a comprehensive self-study, addressing the Higher Learning Commission's requirements and criteria for accreditation.

The five criteria for accreditation are:
I.  Mission & Integrity
II. Preparing for the Future
III.Student Learning & Effective Teaching
IV.Acquisition, Discovery & Application of Knowledge
V. Engagement & Service

Mission Statement
Missouri University of Science and Technology integrates education and research to create and convey knowledge to solve problems for our State and the technological world.

The vision of the Missouri University of Science and Technology is to be a top-five technological research university by 2011.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The process of accreditation is intended to encourage our ongoing efforts in assessment and improvement, and give us an opportunity to demonstrate our many strengths and points of excellence. The accreditation process has changed dramatically in the last ten years. It now requires evidence-based reporting linked to assessment. In addition, we must demonstrate that we are using assessment outcomes for continual improvement.

Missouri S&T’s self-study has revealed key institutional strengths and challenges that create new opportunities for continual improvement. This comprehensive set of information will benefit Missouri S&T beyond re-accreditation.

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